Genesis 30-31

Genesis 29:31-30:43

  1. Which of Jacob’s wives was the ancestress of our Lord? Cf.  Prov. 16:9; Heb. 7:14. And of what did his years with Laban make him most conscious?
  2. What does this passage show about polygamy? Does Jacob’s possession of several wives provide a warning concerning right ideals for marriage?

Genesis 31:1-32:2

  1. Six more years have passed (31; 41). To what extent is Jacob the deceiver now a changed man? See 31:6, 38-42. Also, what evidence is there that he has come to a deeper knowledge of God? See 31:3-13, 42.
  2. What factors combined to make Jacob sure that God’s time for him to return to Canaan had come? How was the inevitable opposition of Laban overcome? What may I learn for my own encouragement from such a record?

Note. 31:42, 53. ‘The Fear of Isaac’: i.e., the God whom Isaac reverently worshipped.


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