Revelation 22:6-21

  1. What word of Christ is repeated three times in these verses? See also 3:11, and cf. 1:7; 16:15. How are we to reconcile this word with the fact that even now he has not come?  What should be our attitude and response to this word of our Master? Cf. 2 Pet. 3; Matt. 24:43-51; Heb. 10:36-39. Can you join in the prayer of verses 17 and 20 as the spontaneous yearning of your heart?
  2. How are the truth and the importance of the contents of this book confirmed to us in this passage? By what name is it four times described? What is its origin? From where does it deriver its authority? How ought we to express our regard for it and our response to it


  1. Verse 6. This book springs from the same divine source from which all the prophets have derived their inspiration.
  2. Verses 8, 9. Cf. 19:10; Col. 2:18. John emphasizes both the attraction and the error of angel worship. The same might be said of the worship of the saints.
  3. Verse 11. An emphatic warning that the time of the end is near, and the opportunity for a change of character is passing. Cf. Dan. 12:10; 2 Tim. 3:13. Yet see verse 17b below, and 21:6.
  4. Verse 16. ‘The Root and the Offspring of David’: cf. Mark 12:35-37.

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