Psalm 137 & 138

Ps.137.The psalmist express the deep feeling of the exiles in Babylon, as the stinging experience of hostile surroundings and treatment and the memory of the cherished city of Jerusalem, now a mass of rubble and ruin, overwhelm them.

  1. Ps. 137. What interest and concern made the captives in Babylon weep rather than sing? Do you ever feel similar constraints?
  2. From where does the writer of Ps. 138 gain the conviction that God is at work in his life? Examine the details of his confidence. How much of his confession can you make your own?
  3. 137:6, 7. What place ought we to give in our thought, prayer and preaching to divine vengeance and just recompense? Cf. Ezek. 25:12-14; Rom. 12:19-21.

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