Psalm 113 & 114

Pss. 113-118 are psalms of redemption, the Hallel or hymn of praise that was sung at Jewish festivals in the time of Jesus. Looking back on God’s past acts of redemption, particularly in the exodus, the people were encouraged to believe God would act in that way again. Jesus and his disciples may have sung these psalms at Passover as he himself preparation for his act of redeeming us. (Cf. Mark 14:26.)

  1. Ps. 113. What activities are said here to be characteristic of God? Cf. Luke 1:46-55. What kind of response, in terms of both time and place, should their acknowledgment secure from men?
  2. Ps. 114. What features of the Israelites’ Journey from Egypt to Canaan are referred to? Cf. Exod. 14:21; 22; 17:5, 6; 19:18; 33:14; Num. 20:11; Josh. 3:14-17. To what truths were these events a permanent witness?

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