James 4

  1. Verses 1-10. How does James diagnose the condition of those to whom he is writing? Can you find in verses 4-10 seven steps to spiritual recovery? What cause is there for encouragement and gratitude in this often painful business?
  2. Verses 11-17. The Christian community to which James was writing was further disfigured by evil speaking and rash confidence. What guidance does James give concerning our attitude (a) to our fellow-Christians, and (b) to tomorrow? What difference would it make to your life if you took seriously the definition of sin in verse 17?


  1. Verse 4.’Adulterous people’: cf. Hos. 3:1. But the reference here is to apostasy, not immorality.
  2. Verse 6. The quotation of Prov. 3:34 is introduced to demonstrate the wonder of God’s grace, which is able to overcome even the worldly spirit of James’ readers, if they will humble themselves and respond to his Spirit’s yearnings.

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